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Rate Shaping Nozzle, RSN® Injectors

AloDiesel work Rate Shaping Nozzle.The Stanadyne Rate Shaping Nozzle is a unique approach to working fuel injection rate shaping for direct injection engines. In contrast to two stage injectors and other more costly methods that have been used for this purpose, the RSN injector offers a greatly simplified and more compact alternative.

The RSN accomplishes the fuel flow throttling necessary for injection rate control by hydraulic regulation of a throttling area preceding the spray holes. This eliminates the need for two springs and associated hardware without affecting injector size or capability.


  • Available in 17, 21, 17/21mm and Pencil Nozzle® design envelopes
  • Physically interchangeable with existing 1 & 2 spring injectors
  • VCO nozzle configuration
  • 1800 bar maximum injection pressure capability (17/21mm injector)
  • 1050 bar maximum injection pressure capability (Pencil Nozzle®)
  • Lower valve guide for even flow distribution to spray holes at low valve lift (17mm & 21mm only)

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