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The cleanest way to safety throughout the year Clear vision for the car driver is an important prerequisite for safety in road traffic. AlokDiesel offer Bosch Wiper. As in many areas of automotive technology, innovations from Bosch has been ground-breaking for decades. For example, the first electric windshield wiper, the windshield washing system or the use of synthetic wiper-blade elements – Bosch was and is the pioneer of progress.

Features/ Benefits
Maximum performance
- The wiper’s aerodynamic profile ensures maximum performance even at high speeds. The pressure is evenly distributed across the whole length of the blade for maximum screen contact, thus ensuring maximum visibility and safety in critical weather conditions
Easy to fit and highly durable - The wiper blades are easy to change and the components encased with rubber to prevent corrosion thus providing longer life
Innovative design - Ideal combination of form and function and perfectly tailored to take the shape of the windscreen
Tried and tested technology - The extra hard, non-wearing wiper blade edge ensures thorough cleaning over the entire service life. Perfect cleaning due to unique smooth-running coating that is optimised for harsh environmental conditions
Precision pin joints - The vibration dampened plastic pivoting bearings have minimum play thus reducing the tendency to rattle and flutter ensuring smooth operation and long service life
Robust bracket system - The wiper blades and the robust housing performs well even in adverse conditions