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H4 - Bulbs
The conventional headlight halogen bulb for 4 wheeler & 6 wheeler application Available 12 V & 24 V application with excellent coverage ie 60/55 , 75/70 100/90 Watts Using halogen technology, double filament, Hard glass High visbility in conditions of rain & fog, Long life

Resistance to vibration with supports leading to increased life regardless of the road condition
Optimum level of light for drivers comfort & safety Tungsten filament for higher life

H3 - Bulbs - Fog Bulbs
High penetration in conditions of Fog, rain & snow.
Available in 55W/70W ie 12V, 24V For 4 / 6 wheeler application

H1 & H7 Bulbs


  • High lumen efficacy single filament
  • UV Block quartz glass
  • High potassium content tungsten filament
  • High-pressure halogen gas filling
  • Beam angle controlled by positioning the filament inside the envelope
  • Halogen gas


  • More lumens light on road
  • Prevents damage to plastic headlamps
  • Resistance to vibrations
  • Prevents filaments evaporation
  • Prevents scattering of light
  • Prevents blackening of glass

Application: Toyota Camry, Honda City, Chevrolet Optra, Fiat Palio, Hyundai Sonata, Tata Safari (Dicor), Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Elantra

MAX bulbs
Used for all two wheeler application ie mopeds , motorcycles , scooters Excellent range for all application using Halogen technolgy , better light for safety and visibility.
Available for 25/25 & 35/35 & all bases types

i 2 Bulbs, Stop & Tail , Miniature bulbs
I 2 bulbs from Bosch Ltd. comes with superior quality resulting in higher life used for all application like two wheelers , 3 wheelers , Tractor application

HS1 bulb
HS1 is a new range halogen bulb with a PX 43t fitting. The only difference between the HS1 and an H4 halogen bulb, is that the middle pin at the base is 1-2mm thicker. Hence the notation PX 43t compared to P43t. The HS1 will become the standard bulb for all new 2 wheelers launched.

Lamp Type Voltage      Wattage      Lumens       Base     MRP
     HS1               12              35/35        825/525       PX43t     79.50

Applications to date:
Bajaj : Boxer CT, Caliber, Caliber Chroma, Eliminator; Bajaj Pulsar 150 (KS),Pulsar 150 (DTS-i), Pulsar 180 (New), Wind 125, Hero Honda CD 100SS Splendor, Splendor Plus, Karizma, Passion, Passion Plus, CBZ, Ambition, CD Dawn Kinetic Velocity; LML Graptor,Freedom 125, Freedom (DLX); TVS Fiero F2

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