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Glow plugs 
AlokDiesek offer Bosch Glow Plug. These glow plugs offer smoother starts and keeps the vehicle running trouble-free.
There are two types of glow plugs based on their construction - Coil type and Pencil type glow plugs.
Coil type Glow Plugs
Coil type glow plugs have a heating element in the form of a coil. These are used in older generation engines.

Pencil type Glow Plugs
Pencil type glow plugs are much more efficient and attain operating temperature within six seconds due to its special construction and materials used.

Glow Duration Unit
Modern vehicles use an electronic timer relay for switching 'ON' and 'OFF' the Glow Plugs. This timer is known as Glow Duration Unit (GDU) which does the following basic functions: - Dash Board lamp indication on readiness of engine to start. - Switches 'OFF' the Glow Plug after a preset time preventing battery discharge. (Safety Switch Off) - Keeps the Glow Plug in 'ON' condition for a fixed time during engine running, which helps it to reduce emission. (Post Glow) In Addition, GDU has built in features like the reverse polarity, short circuit and over voltage protection.

Features/ Benefits

  • Short heating time
  • Post glow capability
  • Low power consumption
  • Reduced cold-start emission
  • Quick starts
  • Available for a wide range of diesel engines
  • Saves energy
  • Long life

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