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Gasoline Systems
AloDiesel working gasoline injection systems over 15 years ago with its range of complete systems called ‘Jetronic Fuel Injection System’, which proved its worth in millions of vehicles. There are more than 18000 parts in the BOSCH Gasoline System with appropriate spare parts for the aftermarket and workshop trade. BOSCH Injection Systems advanced system technology which incorporates the very latest research and development innovations.
This is characterised by perfect harmonisation with the respective engine to minimise fuel consumption, optimise performance and reduce emissions. Since designing the first fuel injection system,  With total commitment to remain at the cutting edge of systems design and innovation, AlokDiesel offer generation of systems for automobiles the world over. AlokDiesel is working of petrol injection systems and components for vehicle manufacturers worldwide. There are over 50 million Bosch systems currently in use in petrol engine cars. Bosch petrol injection components cover over 60 vehicle manufacturers all over the world.
Until now the fuel-air mixture was formed in the induction manifold. The search for new possibilities to improve fuel injection further has led to a new technique called the electronically controlled petrol direct injection - Motronic MED7. When idling, or in heavy urban traffic, the engine runs on miser mode with MED7. The layered cylinder charging allows the engine to run extremely lean and with low fuel consumption. As soon as full power is required, the MED7 injects petrol so that a uniform mixture is created. Even in this operating mode the direct injection engine is more economical than conventional engines.


  • Advanced technology
  • Higher power and performance
  • Tried and tested technology
  • 15% less fuel consumption
  • Economical
  • Longer engine life

Electric Fuel Pump & In-tank Module
The fuel pump continuously pumps fuel from the fuel reservoir to the engine for keeping up the necessary fuel pressure at all operating conditions. Fuel pumps can be installed in the fuel reservoir (in-tank) or in the fuel line (in-line). The in-tank module is a system that consists of an in-tank fuel pump, a fuel tank level sensor and a pressure regulator. In principle, the in-tank modules can be distinguished in systems with back-flow and without back-flow. In the future, in-tank modules will dominate due to cost and environment issues.

Features/ Benefits

  • Highest performance
  • Longer lifetime - greatest possible filter surface
  • Increased driving comfort due to reduced noise
  • Maximum reliability
  • Simplified installation
  • Recyclable and made of non-polluting material
  • Exclusion of signal disturbances due to outstanding screening with condenser and suppression cap
  • Adherence to the Law Regulation for Used cars 2003 - i.e. recyclable and use of non-polluting materials

BOSCH Ignition Systems
In the area of ignition technology, BOSCH Ignition Systems combine the security of fully developed system engineering with the employment of the latest research results.
The ignition coil provides the ignition voltage. A spark flashes between the electrodes of the plug and the combustion of the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder of the engine. The induction principle is the basis for the ignition voltage between primary winding and secondary winding. For preventing eddy currents, the so called core package is made up of a bundle of iron sheet metals. The function of the core package is the amplification of the magnetic field in the secondary windings. 300 volts primary voltage (induced by the collapse of the magnetic field) will be transformed to 30,000 volts secondary voltage. Ignition-pulse generators or Motronic control units control the ignition coil directly and determine the ignition time. Defective ignition coils are recognised by the self-diagnosis of the vehicle or by a suitable engine tester.


  • Plastic ignition coils - low weight and low size
  • High electrical tension solidity, high temperature solidity and high vibration solidity
  • Suitable for direct engine installation (installation in the cylinder head)


  • Highest quality for maximum safe functions have already been realised with the asphalt ignition coil which distinguishes itself through high robustness in the application
  • Advantages of the modern plastic ignition coils are minimisation of weight and size with production of higher electrical voltage, temperature and shock resistance
    • Ensures all advantages of the original equipment
    • Demand controlled ignition voltage
    • Long spark duration
    • Better engine performance
    • Reduced fuel consumption
    • Reduced obnoxious emissions in exhaust gas
  • Highest expertise in production due to the laser based optimisation of coiling and redundant acquisition of measured data during the encapsulating process. 100% quality control and regular reliability tests assure the constant adherence to the OEM specifications

BOSCH Oxygen Sensors/ Lambda Sensors
Lambda sensors provide maximum engine power, clean exhaust gas and low fuel consumption. The Lambda sensor provides low emission values at great fuel economy and maximum engine power. This is why the inventor of the Lambda sensor, Bosch, suggests that, for economic as well as environmental reasons, the functioning of the sensor should be regularly checked and replaced if necessary. Bosch is the No. 1 supplier of Lambda sensors that are mainly used in the automotive equipment and the aftermarket. Bosch uses the original connector for all oxygen sensors which guarantees a secure connection and the easy change of the sensor. No additional adaptors are necessary.

Features/ Benefits

  • Up to 15% savings on fuel savings compared to old or defective oxygen sensors
  • Prevention of catalyst damage
  • Adherence to the permissible emission figures, low contaminant output. Consequently no problems in the annual exhaust-emission check • Increased driving comfort due to better engine performance

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