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Filters are a very important component in any vehicle and its importance is always underestimated. For cost reasons, many vehicle owners change their filters less frequently than recommended and thereby damage high-grade technical components of their vehicle and the jeopardising the occupants in the vehicle from harmful pollutants.
As a system supplier with expertise in the entire field of engine management, Bosch Ltd. and AlokDiesel is offer aware of the importance of BOSCH filters. The filter range is updated constantly to incorporate state-of-the-art technology.

Stable filter paper - Special micro-fibre paper impregnated with phenolic resin ensures high mechanical, thermal and chemical stability of the filters resulting in high wet strength and stability.
Excellent contaminant separation - The porosity of the paper and an even pore distribution ensures that contaminants are well separated and gives low, flow resistance. Long life - The folded paper has a much larger filter area, which extends the service life of the filters compared to unfolded paper filters.
Excellent filter stability - Corrosion-resistant housings of aluminum, galvanised steel or high-grade plastic connections guarantee high mechanical, thermal and chemical stability. Ultra strong housings - The aluminum and plastic housings are welded through CO2 lasers or ultrasonic and steel housings are welded through double flaring. This adhesive free process protects the joints from aggressive fuels, oils and extreme temperature changes.

Petrol Filters
AlokDiesel offer BOSCH Petrol Filters trap even the smallest particles in the range of a few thousandths of a millimeter and ensures optimum function and long service life of the components.

Filter Medium - The medium used for the filters are of high-grade to ensure that the contaminants are filtered completely
Installation - The filters are developed in such a way that they can be installed with minimum effort
Filter tightness - The tightness of the filter is secured by an adhesive-free double flaring the housing with a rubberised cover outside and rubber sealing inside


  • Prevents irregularities in the fuel-feed through well-proven technology and the optimum pore size of the filter medium
  • Best suited for injection system since the complete petrol injection system is developed and manufactured by Mico and Bosch
  • High-resistance against variations in temperatures and aggressive fuels

Diesel Filters
In addition to filtering out contaminants, diesel filters are used to separate water contained in the diesel fuel. Since water is heavier than diesel, it collects in the water accumulation chamber of the diesel filter. After filtration, the lighter diesel fuel flows to the interior of the filter towards the outlet.

Types of Diesel Filters
Cloth Type (Primary)

  • Consists of several layers of cloth wound over a layer of link cloth on a perforated metal tube
  • Flow direction - From outside to inside
  • Filtered fuel collects in the centre tube and is delivered to the pump
  • Removes non-dissolving impurities like dust, foreign particles etc.

Coil Type (Secondary)

  • Consists of a corrugated filter paper around a central tube with alternative layers glued
  • Flow direction - Radial and axial
  • Dual particles are held in the v-shaped folds

Star Type (Secondary)

  • Formed out of pleated filter paper
  • Paper is pleated along the breadth to provide a framework for filter dust
  • Flow direction - Radial from outside to inside
  • Filtered fuel collects at the centre and is delivered to the pump
  •  Dust particles are deposited on the filter paper or settle down as sediments at the bottom of the filter housing
  • Removes impurities of less than 2 microns


  • Integration of water separation, fuel heating and fuel cooling in one module
  • Pressure stability at very high injection pressures
  • Special filter media achieves high storage capacity and separation of fine particles
  • Effective water separation from fuel prevents corrosion damage

Common Rail Filters
AlokDiesel offer Bosch Common Rail Filters are optimised for high injection pressures and low tolerances of the Common Rail precision technology. The double-layer filter medium of polyester and cellulose enables an extremely high absorption of dirt and the highest separation grades. The filter construction with a radial vee-form filter element results in maximum water separation. As a result of the knowhow of Bosch, the diesel systems developer, it is guaranteed that the Common Rail filters are precisely tailored to the respective engine and meet the highest requirements of performance and service life.

Advantages/ Benefits

  • Integration of water separation, fuel heating and fuel cooling in one module
  • Pressure stability also with very high injection pressures
  • Special filter media achieve high storage capacity and separation of finest particles
  • Effective water separation from the fuel prevents corrosion damage

Lub Oil Filters
The engine oil plays a critical function of reducing friction that occurs during the movement of the engine resulting in power loss and wear. In addition, it prevents abrasive particles from coming in contact with friction surfaces.

Optimum protection - The filters remove contaminants such as dust, metal particles, combustion deposits and carbon particles from the oil and ensures optimum protection of the engine components.
Rubber seals - The seals in the filters are made of special rubber compounds that offer special protection against aggressive engine oils ensuring longer life.
Anti-drain valve - The anti-drain valve prevents the filter from drying up when the engine is switched off guaranteeing rapid pressure build-up and instant lubrication when the engine is restarted.
Bypass valve - In order to ensure continuous supply of oil to the engine, the bypass valve opens at a certain pressure ratio and allows the oil to flow to the engine without being filtered thus causing less damage than non-flow of oil.


  • Specially impregnated, tear-resistant filter medium with large surface provides longer service intervals and longer life
  •  The filter prevents premature ageing of oil

Air Filters
The intake air always contains minute dust particles that can be harmful for the engine components. These filters ensure only clean air reaches the combustion chamber.

Tightness These air filters are made of special polyurethane plastic compound that ensures only clean air reaches the combustion chamber.
Pulsation resistance As the result of precision fitting and the high quality of filter paper, these filters are resistant to air blasts during the intake process ensuring longer service life to the engine and its components.


  • Made to measure for specific engines to ensure the right filter for every engine
  • The permeability and degree of separation are tailored to each other in such a way that the engine is optimally supplied with clean air

Cabin Filters
Standard Cabin Filters
The Standard Cabin Filters absorb up to 100% of all pollen, dust particles and harmful substances ensuring clean air in the cabin.
It is assembled from three layers of fibres with an electro-statically charged middle layer that ensures that even smallest particles are filtered out of the air.

 Advantages/ Benefits

  • Prevention of the growth of microorganisms, since the filtration medium is resistant against air humidity
  • Reliable operation even with frost and heat
  • Higher air quality in the vehicle protects the health of the vehicle occupants

Active Carbon Cabin Filters
The basic construction of the active carbon filter is similar to that of the standard filter. An additional layer of active carbon absorbs harmful and foul-smelling gases such as ozone, nitrogen, oxides, sulphur dioxide and hydrocarbons. Standard cabin filters can be easily replaced by BOSCH Active Carbon Filters of the same construction without any modifications to the vehicle.

Advantages/ Benefits

  • Active carbon cabin filters provide the driver with even more comfort and health protection through the filtration of foul-smelling harmful gases

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