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Brake pads
The braking system is only as strong as its weakest point. That.s why there must be no compromises on the overall braking system, especially in key components like brake pads. Asbestos-free BOSCH Brake Pads are specially formulated for absolute assurance of safe, sure stopping power, from the first stop . because when it comes to safety, there can be no compromises. Available for a wide range of cars and MUVs, these brake pads provide high comfort and performance, with little pedal effort. the world leader in braking systems, these pads are manufactured to international standards. AlokDiesel offer BOSCH Brake Pads great value for money.

Features/ Benefits
Advanced, environment-friendly, non-asbestos friction technology
Human safety for us is a top priority hence, we use 100% asbestos-free friction material to manufacture our brake pads.
Excellent stopping power
The brake pads are manufactured using material which has highly stable co-efficient of friction and hence excellent stopping power.
Good pedal feel
Closely controlled tolerances in the manufacturing process give the driver a comfortable feel at the brake pedal.
High temperature performance
Friction co-efficient of the material used in the brake pads is of highest quality and is tested for stability at high temperature conditions. Bosch Warranty
In the unlikely event of a failure of brake pad due to any manufacturing defect pertaining to friction material or back plate.

Brake fluids
Brake fluid is one of the most important components in a braking system. It plays the role of transferring the braking force from the brake master cylinder to the wheel brakes, of lubricating the hydraulic components and protecting against corrosion. For this, the brake fluid must have a constant viscosity and a boiling point that is as high as possible under all temperature and operating conditions, in order to prevent the formation of bubbles.
The quality and safety of a brake fluid is defined by its boiling point. Bosch brake fluids exceed these standards. With higher wet and dry boiling points, you can recommend Bosch Brake fluids every time, and your customers will be secure knowing that they have made the safest choice.
Being a critical component of the vehicle's braking system, brake fluid should be checked regularly and replaced if required.

AlokDiesel offers several brake fluid variants, Conforming to DOT standards, in accordance with IS: 8654-2001
DOT 3 is the most commonly used brake fluid in vehicles. It cannot be mixed with or replaced by other brake fluid variants. DOT 4 indicates brake fluid with higher boiling points. This fluid is used in new generation vehicles.

Features / benefits:
Consistent and steady brake pressure response throughout its service life
Optimal viscosity even under extreme temperature conditions
Maximum protection against vapour formation and corrosion
Enhanced lubrication of the hydraulic components

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