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Passenger car batteries
Alok Diesel Offer BOSCH Battery comes with breakthrough Silver alloy technology. This means it offers greater electrical conductivity and better corrosion resistance, substantial increase in service life, and a totally maintenance-free battery experience.


  • Factory charged and sealed; so, no charging or topping required
  • Consistent power output
  • Withstands heavy loads
  • Greater acid volume above the plates (safety reserve)
  • Charge-eye indicator
  • Side wall ribbing
  • Polyethylene envelope separators

 The sealed maintenance-free battery has optimised grid geometry and contains calcium silver alloy that offers excellent cold start performance, improved power consumption during charging, greater starting power and longer service life. The water consumption is much less than conventional batteries because the labyrinth for gas condensation and return to the battery minimises the loss of water.


  • Faster charging
  • Better short-trip resistance
  • Long-life
  • Improved cyclic loading
  • 30% higher starting power
  • Minimises the danger of ignition from external sources

Truck and tractor batteries: Bosch Ustad and Kranti

  • Longer life
  • Higher cranking power
  • Leak resistant
  • Low on maintenance. Special hybrid alloy minimises water loss
  • Extreme vibration resistance. Ribbed container withstands temperature extremes and shocks/ vibration damages
  • Factory filled and wet shipped
  • Better corrosion resistance with superior plate design and weld systems
  • No electrical shorts, with glass matt lined enveloped PE separators

Alok Diesel 2010